Wow hangs on updating setup files

14-Dec-2017 03:19

All rights reserved Advanced Mode Set Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS: SAS2008(B2) Executing Operation: Flash Firmware Image Firmware Image has a Valid Checksum. I suggest leaving the MTU at 1500 and make sure everything works there before testing an MTU of 9000.

Firmware Version .00 Firmware Image compatible with Controller. NVDATA Version .00 Checking for a compatible NVData image... Also, if you run into networking issues look at disabling TSO offloading (see comments). Download the Free NAS ISO from a new VM, choose custom, put it on one of the drives on the SATA ports, Virtual Machine version 11, Guest OS type is Free BSD 64-bit, 1 socket and 2 cores. On Networking give it two adapters, the 1st NIC should be assigned to the VM Network, 2nd NIC to the Storage network. SCSI controller should be the default, LSI Logic Parallel. If you have a second local drive (not one that you’ll use for your zpool) here you can add a second boot drive for a mirror.

Had to wait and type down arrow and enter probably 25 times but install is all good. :) From: Merlin on 02/04/2014 I have found easiest solution by using Hiren's Boot CD, here's what to do when "i386" problem pops up: Have CD, DVD or bootable USB with Hiren's on it, Run Mini XP, Copy from installation disc i386 to partition where Windows is being installed. I cannot restart, have to restart by allowing the Fatal Error to happen and then when I reboot all changes in Dev Mgr are gone. :) From: Rebecca on 05/21/2012 So this was one of the most aggravating things I think I have ever had to deal with, for the record!As of Free NAS 9.3.1 or greater you should be flashing to IT mode P20 (looks like it’s P21 now but it’s not available by every vendor yet). One of my colleagues discovered 8GB over-provisioning wasn’t even maxing out 10Gb network (remember, every write to VMware is a sync so it hits the ZIL no matter what) with 2 x 10Gb fiber lagged connections between VMware and Free NAS. I use for my storage so you’d put for the IP and for the netmask.I strongly suggest pulling all drives before flashing. t=1758318Supermicro firmware: for flashing firmware: threads/confirmation-please-lsi-9211-i8-flashing-to-p20.40373/LSI / Avago Firmware: you already have the card passed through to Free NAS via VT-d (steps 6-8) you can actually flash the card from Free NAS using the sas2flash utility using the steps below (in this example my card is already in IT mode so I’m just upgrading it): [[email protected]] # cd /root/ [[email protected]] # mkdir m1015 [[email protected]] # cd m1015/ [[email protected]] # wget # chmod x /usr/local/sbin/sas2flash [[email protected]] # sas2flash -o -f Firmware/HBA_9211_8i_IT/2118-b sasbios_rel/mptsas2LSI Corporation SAS2 Flash Utility Version .00 (20) Copyright (c) 2008-2013 LSI Corporation. This was on an HGST 840z so not sure if the same holds true for the Intel DC S3700… Some people are having trouble with an MTU of 9000.Just a warning, that you must keep this Root CA guarded, if a hacker were to access this he could generate certificates to impersonate anyone (including your bank) to initiate a MITM attack.

Also Export the Private Key of the CA and store it some place safe. Change the protocol to HTTPS and select the certificate you created.

Edit the virtual machine, under Resources set the CPU Shares to “High” to give Free NAS a higher priority, then under Memory allocation lock the guest memory so that VMware doesn’t ever borrow from it for memory ballooning. Before doing anything let’s upgrade Free NAS to the latest stable under System Update. On my DHCP server I’ll give Free NAS a static/reserved IP, and setup an entry for it on my local DNS server.

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