Who is randy orton dating now 2016

01-Jul-2017 00:09

First thing I do is smell the shirt because that's me. Randy Orton smells fruity." According to Noelle, she became interested in her current boyfriend, WWE superfan, Frank the Clown, after seeing him at three years ago. '" Noelle added, "I guess his weirdness attracted me."I just saw him from far away and was pretty much checking him out. And so, like, two or three weeks later, I saw him, like, in the front row at RAW, and I tweeted him." The self-anointed 'Cactus Jill' claimed that other men do not really catch her eye."I feel like if I wasn't dating Frank, I wouldn't be dating anyone. " Noelle asserted that her parents have always wanted her to be gay."[Mick Foley] wants me to have a relationship with someone that's not Frank," Noelle continued, "my dad and my mom have always wanted me to be gay. From the beginning." Click here to check out the show.

Orton has been sidelined from the WWE since undergoing shoulder surgery in October.

Kim’s husband Orton also has a tattoo of his first daughter’s name, Alanna Marie Orton on his arm, including her birthday in Roman numerals.

Orton gets along quite well with Kessler’s three sons, especially Anthony.

, Mick and Noelle Foley were on the podcast to discuss their new WWE Network show, Holy Foley.

Among other things, Noelle talked about having a crush on Randy Orton when she was younger, how she got involved with her current boyfriend, Frank the Clown, and her parents wanting her to be gay.And I'm like, 'dad, Randy [has] just dropped his shirt' and he calls back.

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