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02-Jan-2018 13:31

Our products are brand new in sealed manufacturers box. Which of these two cameras would you recommend i go with?

Im looking for a sleek, point and shoot camera that takes great pictures.

However, I still look through the viewfinder from time to time, even if it were only to remind me what a viewfinder is REALLY supposed to look like.

Let's be honest, the one thing we've lost with the arrival of digital, are those beautiful 100%, bright views that we took for granted when we still used fine pieces of craftsmanship like the FE. Excellent starters camera, capable of good to very good results.

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She worked for her previous owner since 1972, for me since 1976.

I can't say its never let me down, but i must also say i am abusive and live in one of the coldest climates in Canada and the nikon fe is horrible in cold temperatures due to its battery. AND this is its major strength as far as i'm concerned is its simple appearance. Well when i plugged in my camera It show installing driver or something like that then it said install unsuccessful and I cant access the memory card because the camera wont show up.