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Taiwan is located on northern margin of South China Sea which evolved from rifting basin to passive margin from Paleocene to Miocene.

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This is because most inshore earthquakes occurred on the eastern side of Taiwan where the steeply descending offshore seabed prevents energy accumulation for tsunami.

As for the western side of Taiwan where the seabed terrain is shallow, there are fewer earthquakes due to limitation in plate conditions, which reduce the probability of tsunami occurrence. Historical tsunami records in Taiwan According to historical records dating from 1661, Taiwan has been struck by six disastrous tsunamis, occurring in 1661, 1721, 1781, 1792, 1866, and 1867.

Countries with the highest visitor growth include Thailand (30.63%), Indonesia (22.52%), India (20.86%), Vietnam (20.44%), and Russia (14.81%).

During the show, TAITRA organized 955 sessions of 1-on-1 procurement meetings to directly link 181 VIP buyers with 297 exhibitors.

As for Taiwan's nearby earthquakes, academic research suggests that the magnitude above which a triggered tsunami needs to be seriously guarded among various regions - 7 for Taitung region, 7.8 for Hualien region and 8 for Lanyu region.