Speed dating near hereford

02-Jan-2018 19:07

You find someone online, you fix a date to meet and voila job done.With a bit of pre-date prep following our top tips you can ensure to be relaxed and enjoy the moment.We do a terrific job of making everyone feel welcomed as soon as they enter. We hand pick our venue on many things including location, environment, culture, and just the overall feel of the venue.We make sure to pick places that are neat and elegant but can also throw a wicked party.The first event, in July, was a hit, and there are currently about 85 women on the wait list.(Men are harder to get involved, she said.) A restaurant hosts the events, and they're open to the general public, not just members of the senior center. For Phillips, half the fun is watching the seniors open up, as if they're reawakening something that's been inside them all along.

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Speed-dating events for seniors are slowly cropping up across the country and, spoiler alert, they're a huge success."But with the influx of baby boomers, and as more people are aging ...