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Mc Cullough’s wife, Barb Mariani, is a deputy prosecutor in Arkansas and promises to “end the troubling cycle of employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.” But, Mc Cullough was not fired because she was a lesbian. In media interviews she has acknowledges this saying that her sexuality “was not a secret among colleagues at work and did not prove to be a problem until she got married in New Mexico on October 16, 2013.” Mc Cullough was fired because she publicly proclaimed to be part of a same sex marriage while teaching in a Catholic school that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Whitney lauded the activist students, encouraging their same sex advocacy for Mr.

But, that may no longer make a difference as lawmakers will surely attempt to change the laws surrounding workplace discrimination by once again conspiring to remove ministerial exceptions to hiring policies despite the Supreme Court’s unanimous affirmation of religious liberty against the Obama administration in the case of 2012. who, according to New Ways Ministries, voiced his support for Mr. Z—calling them “Orange and Blue Apostles.” The Latest Battle in Charlotte, NC This battle is just beginning as Church teachings on same sex behavior and marriage are becoming anathema even within the Church’s own Catholic institutions.

In Seattle, students gathered signatures on an online petition and communicating via Twitter and texts.

According to a report in the New York Times, the students protested outside City Hall, at a Seahawks game, and outside the archdiocese of Seattle, where they were joined by Ed Murray, then the city’s mayor-elect, who is Catholic and gay.

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Not surprisingly, the lawsuits have already begun as the courts have become the preferred battleground for the aggrieved plaintiffs in the Catholic culture wars.

The fact that the gathering was allowed at a Catholic parish in Seattle is worth noting. An authority on Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Sr.

Jane is a nationally known lecturer on Catholic high school campuses throughout the country. Jane has given her lecture more than 80 times in 25 states. According to the Catholic News Herald, a petition opposing Sr.

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