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You are currently on the home page of the ABDL Dating Community.If you feel this kwinky dating community is for you then click the 'get started' arrow to be connected to the ABDL Dating Community and start meeting others like you. After a night out at a local bar, Maggie left after becoming jealous of when another woman flirted with Shane.Upon arriving home, Shane flew into a rage, angry that Maggie had "abandoned him" at the bar and then drove home with his friend, whose house they were staying at for the week.He would constantly lavish attention and affection on Memphis, while his interactions with Kayden were decidedly more ambivalent.Within a few months of their relationship, Shane moved Maggie and her children to a trailer park in Somerset, Ohio.Or maybe your fantasy is to be the caregiver of an adult baby?Whichever the fantasy, joining the ABDL dating community will introduce you to others who are looking for someone just like you!

"I'm trying to be a father to them."Shane's relationship with Memphis was far less conflicted than his relationship with her brother, Kayden.

The stress of Shane's unemployment and raising two young children on very little money often took its toll on the relationship. One night, after an early birthday celebration for Memphis at a local fast food restaurant, the two began to argue.

As the newness of their relationship wore off, they began to argue more frequently, usually about money or how Maggie focused most of her energy on the children rather than her relationship. Shane said his main source of frustration stemmed from the fact that Maggie paid more attention to the children than she did to him.

His relationship with Shane was contentious at best, and at times he displayed open mistrust and hostility toward his mother's boyfriend.

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Shane and Kayden had a strained relationship from the beginning, with Shane trying to exert a strong parental presence and Kayden resisting the authoritative efforts of a man he knew was not his father.Satisfy your desire of wearing diapers and being taken care of as a baby or play the roll of the care giver for an "Adult Baby." Everybody enjoys a night of suckling and spanking, right?