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People didn't post their comments in correct order and forgot to sign their posts.I have to move things around a bit to make it easier to follow, hope that doesn't violate any talk page guidelines. note that the Japanese Wikipedia has separate articles on BL and Gx B (no all pairing though), each has as much content as this current article. And I would also like to restore the old BL Games page. I'd add that may this entire article should be merged with "Visual Novel", since they largely talk about the same thing.You may take a look at the Ren'Ai archive for an example on how these games are normally categorized (they tag the games listed by type of gameplay, by kind of relationship, and by thematic genre).

A Ren'ai game can be a Dating Sim, or a Visual or Kinetic Novel, or any hybrid point between these and maybe other categories.As an even clearer example of hybrids, Elven Relations is a Ren'ai VN that incorporates some RPG-like combats.In other words, Ren'ai applies to any anime-style, romance-oriented game; but Dating Sims are specifically about simulating dating.I would like to ask for all your opinion before making such a big restoration (especially from Seizure Dog.) If this is indeed a mistake, then we should restore the section using the most recent copy (and maybe add some information from Yaoi game which was left after the first merge into BL subsection as well.) However, if it was deleted on purpose, I would like to know the reason behind it since it makes the article much shorter and not very informative. Perhaps English eqivalent articles could be revived if people can put more information into them? Thank you.--Jonica c (talk) , 31 October 2008 (UTC) It has been suggested (I don't know by whom) that Otome game be merged with this article. Shark D (talk) , 7 December 2007 (UTC) I support this proposal. A few stats like charisma and cash on hand are sprinkled throughout the visual novel genre, and make a distinction really useless. .129 (talk) , 13 December 2007 (UTC) Commercial title (like Tokimeki Memorial) raely has stupid question like amateur flash games that plague internet.

I noticed that the Otome game page has a suggestion on it to merge with dating sim. The entire visual novel family needs to become more consistent. No, the girl never directly ask you "What is my favourite color? Instead, when shoping with protagonist, she will ask to pick a piece of good and player will get choice of colors.

--Eduard Pascual (talk) , 7 October 2008 (UTC) The article says "The gameplay involves conversing with a selection of artificial intelligence-controlled girls" this is somewhat incorrect. It is all a set of predesigned pathways for you to take and its just differing depending on your choices.

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