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07-Jul-2017 17:07

Don’t worry that the odds against such a “find” choosing you out of the millions of hunks pursuing her are astronomical. Somehow that first date never happens and the financial requests never stop. This is a con artist who probably makes a full-time living by working a few dozen guys just like you at the same time.If you're thinking to yourself "why would anyone fall for this??As long as there is a human being on the planet, there will be a market for evil-doers offering something for nothing.Here is our list of the most common Internet scams guaranteed to hook at least a few people even today. This one earned its name because, you guessed it, the scam uses Nigerian politics as bait.This fraud starts when the bad guys break into a friend or family member’s computer and mass email, facebook message, or text everyone on in their contacts.While the details vary, the problem usually revolves around getting mugged on vacation and losing their credit cards and money.

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Luckily, the perpetrators of the garden variety phishing scams usually can be identified by their terrible grammar, misspellings, and typos.Back in the mid-1990’s, the brand new consumer Internet was one great big safe playland - for about 12 seconds.That’s approximately how long it took for the first scammer to hook the first victim.Most of these systems appeared to have been breached by extremely sophisticated phishing attempts.

The emails that were used were incredibly well targeted versions of the bmass emails that used to be sent.

Okay fine, it’s got problems you could drive a battleship through. You list something for sale, let’s say a drum set for the amazing price of 0. If you think this scam has faded with time, you'd be wrong.