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10-Jan-2018 14:50

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anyway we get along great when were together, but on the phone we get on each others nerves because we never have nothing to talk about..... I am a Libra woman who dated 3 Libra man (long term) and married my one and only Libra man. I wasn't into him enough for anything But my pride to be hurt so I forgot him easily for a Year. I told him I would help him Get a job and he was so insulted that he broke it off. But after some time, he'll turn into a mean monster. and in true Libra style I put up with it all to the very end until I gtot dumped.

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What they have in common is that they both tried to be the ones to lead the relationship. Libra woman, I am currently in a relationship ( I think? There is a bond like a magnet, however as one post states, we can't seem to talk on the phone.... He was wonderful at first, but after three months he became a controlling mean person. We saw and spent time together regularly for about 8 months and suddenly he disappeared from my life without an explaination for about a year or two.Unlike my past where I have had all the control, I can't get a handle on this one. I was married to a Libra man, and we were so opposite in every way, I was classy, organized, peacemaker, well groomed, sociable etc... Sex was not all that, he was more into his self more than pleasing me. The one I had dated when I was young, not experienced enough emotionally. I find it helps (because we're so much alike) to distance ourselves verbally. So we chat in person..the chemistry is there between is! He is a Libra with strong sense of judgment, he is a caring person too, but as is the case with most of the men, he began to feel superior to me. All the zodiac signs are different but all men are similar, haha. We discussed our first time major issue and I thought we were going to work on it from that point on, but to my surprised he gave me the silent treatment for a month. I've tried to date other men, but I can't get him out of my head. We have been together 5 years and got to say it's like a roller coaster. Fine as friends but as lovers/boyfriends forget it. Our relationship was great; we were in love with being in love with each other.My 3 month relationship w/ a Libra man (I am Libra as well) Talk about screaming hot sex compatibility, chemistry crazy!! gone, he also seemed he felt superior to me , got involved with my family the whole gambit.... Because everything has to be perfect for us to be sexually attracted to each other we don't talk on the phone that much. it took me a least a month later to realized that he could respect the fact a woman has her own mind and that she should be entitled to it. I don't know what sign I have that makes me able to diminish a person with words, but I held back on him because he was young. o, and no, we don't really talk much on the phone lol. When I am finally discouraged enough to consider seeing someone new, he calls and all I want is to see and talk to him. We argue alot, he does try to control me but I won't stand for it. He is all the above, but he adores me - sex is still like fire and we still fancy each other to bits. Complusive liars and the sort who will stab you in the back while kissing on the cheek! Don't believe all those sweet nothings and that false charm, because underneath they're rotten to the core. But I was young and liked a challenge so when his jealousy got the better of him my curiosity got the best of me. Although I wanted to tell him myself the other guy got there before I did.I also noticed that during arguments it takes them a while to realize they are wrong so I usually just give them the silent treatment till they come to me and admit they were wrong. He sends GROUP posts of youtube and other entertaining posts. I hate this, and for the second time have requested that he not send emails. This was interesting to me I never dated anyone whose birthday is on the same day as mine. He since calls me regularly at times and then spontaneously, always with the intention of getting together and catching up on the months we haven't been in touch. We get together a handful of times each year, but nothing is developing.

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This may be the "time out" that we both need to see where this will go... but not dead I am a Libra woman, dated 2 Libra men. Yes, he is sophisticated, love the finer things in life and is highly wanted to be in charge. He may compromised maybe, maybe some of the time, but he felt that his woman should respect him highly. The chemistry is still there between us, but the trust and respect I need in a relation is broken.I can easily tell every day of my life since I've met him is like Valentine's day... If either one of us see something to our interest it will belong to us. She also has a amazing heart that makes her even more attractive.