Latina dating sex drive

12-Dec-2017 05:51

Together they offer startling revelations about female desire—or rather its absence, a fevered debate of our time.Low female libido—“hypoactive sexual desire disorder” as its been medicalized—has been the subject of hand-wringing for decades.We’re afraid of what’s inside.” A glimpse of the box’s contents was provided by Natalie Angier’s 1999 book which describes the clitoris as the only organ designed purely for pleasure; it has 8,000 nerve fibres—twice the number in the penis.“Who needs a handgun when you’ve got a semiautomatic? At Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., psychologist Meredith Chivers is working to expose the “animal truth” of female desire.Chivers’s findings suggest that women buy into the zipped-up model of their own sexuality.Yet as Katherine Angel makes clear in her sexual memoir, , female desire is a tangle of complex, often contradictory impulses fed by the mind, the heart, the images we see, things we’ve read and been told.

As Bergner puts it, the female drug we’re really seeking is “monogamy’s cure.” Female desire is a relatively new field of research.

Once those women were with new partners, libido returned.

American psychologist Marta Meana routinely sees women whose white-hot lust for their partner has turned to ash.

After 20 years of marriage only 20 per cent of women did.

Men’s libidos, on the other hand, remained pretty constant.Ken Wallen, a psychologist and neuroendrocrinologist whose work at Emerson University outside Atlanta has revealed that female rhesus monkeys are the sexual aggressors, echoes the sentiment: “The idea that monogamy serves the natural sexuality of women may not be accurate,” he says.