Jennifer garner and ben affleck dating

11-Jul-2017 20:44

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They have three children: Violet, 11; Seraphina, eight; and Samuel, five.

reported they are calling off their divorce, first announced in June 2015.

Oddly, she also had on pink lipstick, which she usually doesn't wear.And for the first time in my life, I cried incredible purging tears of happiness." that Ben has always encouraged her to pursue her career no matter what. “That's powerful, when your partner has that serious mantra." June 27, 2015: Christine Ouzounian, the couple's nanny, leaves with Ben from a family vacation in Bahamas to go to a charity poker event in Las Vegas with Ben and Tom Brady. I just saw her this morning, so that’s the reality that I live in. They'll be getting up in the morning and going to school soon, and Ben is there and he'll be taking them.