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04-Aug-2017 14:03

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But let’s get to why we’re really here, because great googly-moogly, the first episode was an eye-rolling display of bitch, please artifice.

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) looking like a drunk WASP-y matriarch to meet with her “editor” or “boss” or something. Julia tells her fake-editor that she’s moving away to find love.If Emily wanted to find serious romance, she could, he insists, but she has commitment issues.He points out that although she's had a dog for the past few months, the animal is often staying with others. With its "doggy daddy," her ex, she says sheepishly. Is it to live vicariously in the Jimmy Choos of whoever is handing out roses, or, perhaps, to be able to heave huge sighs of relief that they dodged this kind of bullet in their own lives?(Amy, honey, I thought that dude was totally gay, too, because hello, cardigan!

And I am totally available for dates.) Anyway, Amy’s schtick is something about being a chick and how she can’t follow them in regards to her own love life.The peripatetic hour began with a montage of our three career girls working it. They also threw up a couple of articles on screen, one from way back in 2008 and one that Julia didn’t even write.