Aquarius dating other aquarius

23-Sep-2017 01:30

Affirmation: “I attract beneficial friends and organizations to me. Aquarius is a sign symbolized by a human being (the water bearer).

I give hope to those in need.” Aquarius, the Water bearer … The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius represents equality, groups, corporations, fraternity, democracy, organizations and friends.

As a sign known to calm the mentally unstable, Aquarius can be soothing to the Gemini nerves.

Gemini may not understand when Aquarius gets stuck on one idea to the point of obsession but will respect the mental focus.

A bond between them could end as suddenly as it begins.

For staying power, it helps to have a shared purpose, like raising children or cultivating a shared passion.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (the modern ruler) and known for sudden moves.

Gemini also has an erratic rhythm to its nature and is quick to change.

The Aquarius-Gemini relationship has long-term potential since there's always more to learn and talk about.

The word comes to mind -- each helps the other fully conceptualize their plans. This will depend on other elements, like earth, in the birth chart. Look to the water element or areas of emotional compatibility.

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