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Gazing across a table of chocolate fondue into the eyes of your date while sipping on a warm “hug mug” of Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate is kind of hard not to enjoy.I’ve never gone to this bar on a first date and not ended up making out with the person I was with.400 New York singles, hour open bar, appetizers, DJ spinning dance music, photo booth, continental breakfast and more.If you are single and out on New Year’s Eve, you’re definitely looking for love…or at least, at a minimum, a midnight kiss.We offer events like: “Men With Accents Are Hot" (watch a video of that event here)“Rescue Me” for women that want to date firemen"Femme for Femme"“Cougar/Boytoy” night“Hung” for women in search of a big package“Finance-ista” for women that want to date men in finance“Non-Practicing Jew” night“Childproof” for singles that don’t want children ever And because you can’t teach height, “Size Matters” to date men 6'1" and taller Why Speed Dating: At a bar, you don’t know who is single and it’s not always easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

We're just discerning singles that know what we want. tall singles, democratic or fitness singles) you will increase the odds of hitting it off with someone. Be Open There may be an event where you are NOT attracted to anyone in attendance.Single and living in NYC, "the singles capital of the world"?You should definitely check out these singles events, date ideas and activities and find a way to fit them in this holiday season.I have heard from many singles that have volunteered during the holidays and ended up meeting their significant other in the process. It’s an ideal spot to hit before the movies or going to the theater. Tip: If you go ice-skating take a fall and bring your date down with you.

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Whether it be a This little famous NYC cafe was seen in the classic movie “You’ve Got Mail.” It’s French inspired and intimate. It will for sure be a bonding moment with much laughter..long as no one breaks a leg. It's impossible to go wrong with ‘chocolate by the bald man.” This is a great date spot.Saturday, December 10th: Santa Con "Ho-ing for charity" It doesn't get much better than 1,000s of inebriated singles decked out in Santa gear merrily trollop-ing from watering hole to watering hole. Did I mention admission is just a ten dollar donation, which goes to charity.