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07-Nov-2017 11:46

Making short banter is fine, but don’t try to have a heart-to-heart.Save that for later when the fly girl is bored on her jumpseat. Ask her about her day, inquiry about he home base, or how many flights she has had that day. The goal is to increase face time with that flight attendant you are interested in talking with more. Must make conversation first Once, on a six hour flight, I had a guy sitting in front of me, in my exit row, not saying one word to me the entire flight, and upon exiting the aircraft, he then handed me his card.There is a line, and it’s not even that fine, between staring at a flight attendant, and looking her up and down like a piece of meat.

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My co-workers, and I were laughing hysterically as I tossed his number, written on a napkin, in the trash, as the late 30-something year old man had ended the note with ‘LOL.’ Trust me, I did LOL.

I’ll start out with this little gem of wisdom: 99.5 percent of the time, as a passenger, you should NEVER NEVER NEVER ask the flight attendant, “Can I have your number? If you want to see her again, date her, or make sure she, and her fly girls, and fly guys aren’t laughing at you in the galley, you will heed these words of advice.

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