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02-Aug-2017 07:42

Once you have your party line you can name it anything you want, and record your own greeting.You can have individual room owners like most of our party lines do, or have 1 person run the entire system, that part is up to you to decide.Unlike some systems where if you want to add a feature to one room, it is then added to every single room.One of our main goals is to offer a system that can be run completely over the telephone, and we are almost there.

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Plus why sit in front of your computer if you do not need to.

Together, by using Trollboxes as an investment tool, we will harness the mathematical power of consensus to make better decisions about our Cryptocurrency Investments.

If you already have your own party line, or room on a party line, and are trying to access your web control, click on the web control link above. We currently have some systems available, and one could be yours if you have what it takes.

You will first receive your own room on our 24/7 conferencing center which comes with all the same great features available to everyone.

Once you earn 15,000 minutes in 5 days or less we will move you onto your own 10 room party line which will give you your own dial in number, system greeting, full admin web control, and access to over 10,000 private rooms.

The future of Cryptocurrency Social Media just like Cryptocurrencies themselves, resides in the decentralized and uncensored nature of the digital assets we chat about.