6415a updating your network infrastructure

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Troubleshoot user access to remote access services. Install and configure automatic client update settings. Diagnose and resolve issues related to service dependency. Plan Net BIOS name resolution by using the Lmhosts file. Diagnose and resolve issues related to DNS services. Identify the appropriate type of certificate authority to support certificate issuance requirements. Configure the user environment by using Group Policy. Automatically enroll user certificates by using Group Policy. Configure user security settings by using Group Policy.

Plan authentication methods for remote access clients. Plan a public key infrastructure (PKI) that uses Certificate Services. Tools might include Replication Monitor, Event Viewer, and support tools. Monitor File Replication service (FRS) replication. Plan a strategy for configuring the computer environment by using Group Policy.

Installing and Configuring DNS, DHCP, WINS & Active Directory Managing, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication and Performance Managing FSMOs Creating & Managing Organisational Units & Sites. Install, configure, and manage DVD and CD-ROM devices. Implement, manage, and troubleshoot display devices. Configure Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI). Implement, manage, and troubleshoot input and output (I/O) devices. Recover System State data and user data by using Windows Backup.

Perform and troubleshoot an attended installation of Windows XP Professional. Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot I/O devices, such as printers, scanners, multimedia devices, mouse, keyboard, and smart card reader. Troubleshoot system restoration by starting in safe mode. Verify effective permissions when granting permissions.

Palo Alto Networks maintains a Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure for delivering content updates to the Palo Alto Networks firewalls.

The firewalls access the web resources in the CDN to perform various App-ID and Content-ID functions.

Tools might include Task Manager, Event Viewer, and System Monitor.

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Diagnose and resolve issues related to incorrect TCP/IP configuration. Diagnose and resolve issues related to DHCP authorization. Examine the system event log and DHCP server audit log files to find related events. Roles might include domain controllers, Web servers, database servers, and mail servers. Diagnose and resolve issues related to DHCP server address assignment. Evaluate network traffic considerations when placing global catalog servers. Set an Active Directory forest and domain functional level based on requirements. Types of trust relationships might include external trusts, shortcut trusts, and cross-forest trusts. Configure automatic updates for network clients by using Group Policy. Analyze DNS for Active Directory service implementation. Analyze current security policies, standards, and procedures. Design a TCP/IP addressing scheme through the use of IP subnets. (including: save, edit, upgrade, restore) Manage Cisco IOS.

Creating the Logical Design for an Active Directory Infrastructure Design an OU structure. Design the administration of Group Policy objects (GPOs). Design a DNS strategy for interoperability with UNIX Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) to support Active Directory. Design a WINS replication strategy Design security for remote access users. This last requirement is new, and enables RHCEs to demonstrate that they possess both RHCT-level and RHCE-level skills, as well as enabling a person who only has RHCT level skills to earn RHCT if they pass the required competencies.

Create the conceptual design of the DHCP infrastructure. Define whether the migration will include an in-place upgrade, domain restructuring, or migration to a new Active Directory environment. The RHCE Exam consists of three sections: Installation and Configuration (2.5 hours) In order to pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam on Red Hat Linux 9 you must meet the following requirements: a) an average score of 80 or higher across all three sections, equally weighted; b) no section score lower than 50 points; c) 70 percent or more on the RHCT-level skills and 70 percent or more on the RHCE-level skills in Section III. 6218 / 23671772 Mobile: 91 9820134058 Bandra (W): 1st Floor.

For enabling and scheduling the content updates, see Install Content and Software Updates .

As a best practice, set the update server to updates.

Design an OU structure for the purpose of delegating authority. Define the scope of a security group to meet requirements.

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